International Truck School

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Student Testimonials

"At present I'm attending classes with only 40+ hrs remaining to complete my Class A training. I would definitely recommend this School to any of you that are interested in obtaining a Class A License. The guy that runs the school (Sergio) is an excellent tutor and coach. I had zero experience in driving combination vehicles neither have I been inside one of these vehicles, but with Sergio's knowledge, I not only know BUT understand everything there is to know about these vehicles from Pre-Trip, Driving and Skills. Additionally, they help you get employment and I'm pleased to say that I have been accepted by one of the Top 5 Companies in the US - Werner Enterprise! The investment I made with this school was definitelyworth it!!" -Luie McGoon

"Awesome Instructors! I researched many schools in Northern Californiaand got many recommendations to numerous places but none could beat the deals at International truck school. Also they have classes on weekends that not many other schools have. The teacher (Sergio) is a very experienced driver and has many great methods of teaching. My first two classes I was so overwhelmed, thinking I may never learn the pre trip and driving skills but he was patient with me and taught me many techniques to make it easier to remember and perform. Within the 4th class I started to grasp it all, now I am on track to take my test in no time!" (F.Y.I Also teacher is bilingual) 

-Recent Student

"First I would like to thank Sergio for all he taught me while I was going to International Truck School. I would highly recommend this school because Sergio is a good instructor. He tries his best to explain everything step by step and If you don't understand it he will find a way you will understand l.Thanks to this I got my CDL .A on the first try."

- Domingo J.

"I have never had so much fun learning something new!" - Sharon Downie
Carrillo a recent graduate mentioned to us that he was very pleased with the training program that was offered to him. He said that the staff was great and that they were very informative throughout the whole learning process.